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――Magical girls are weapons――
――Magical girls are denied hopes or dreams――
――Magical girls, submerged in pleasure and bodily juices――

In the near future...

Mankind is at war with a race of mysterious aliens.

Figthing on the frontlines
are young girls who wield the powers of aliens in their human bodies,
using their foes' own supernatural abilities against them.
By being raped by the enemy,
they take in the aliens' power and use it to strike back while writhing in pleasure.

As the war rages on,
the world continues to consume the bodies and souls of these girls...


In the year 2099, mankind entered a new age of space exploration.

Seeking to settle the stars themselves, mankind built bases on the Moon and Mars.
These bases grew so large they were soon called cities,
to the point where the Moon achieved independence from its mother Earth.
Nations and corporations colonized asteroid belts in pursuit of further resources,
指令室 sending manned spaceships to planets as far as Uranus.

Wars between mankind persisted, but the future seemed bright.
But that all changed when a spaceship on its way back from Uranus suddenly disappeared near Mars.
A massive disturbance was observed near the site of their disappearance.

That was the first omen of the alien invasion.
These aliens looked like jellyfish and sea anemones,
and as such were dubbed COSMIC CNIDARIANS, or C.C., for short.

Realizing the magnitude of the threat, the nations of Earth rallied under the banner of the United Earth Forces.
However, the first UEF fleet that assembled near Mars was crushed with ease by the C.C. invaders.
Once the aliens finished extinguishing all human life on Mars, the C.C. began their invasion of Earth.

What remained of the UEF fleet made its last stand near the Moon,
but the C.C. proved impervious to both conventional and nuclear weaponry.

But just as it seemed mankind was doomed,
the first girls of the Special Warfare Trooper Corps took the field of battle.

Those girls, who looked like they flew straight out of the fictional worlds of anime and manga, clashed with the C.C. over the Moon.

One Special Warfare Trooper by the name of Lisette Augereau,
who would go down in history as a hero that saved the Earth, shoved the Moon itself out of orbit,
using it as a weapon to crush the largest C.C. lifeform in their invasion force.
By vanquishing what was thought to be their mothership, she was able to halt the C.C. invasion.

These events would go on to be referred to as the Lunar Orbit Battle.

By retracing the route of the C.C.’s forces through the solar system,
パスタチューブ mankind discovered a tear in space: a gateway to another dimension.
After traveling through it, they found a space sector occupied by only two things:
a red giant, and a small celestial body, rougly the size of Earth's moon,
that orbited that star.

From a distance, that satellite looked like a paradise full of beautiful blooming flowers.
But upon closer inspection,
it was discovered that what looked like flowers were in fact countless shimmering tentacles;
a colony for an endless number of C.C.

The C.C. were not destroyed along with their mothership. This space sector was their true origin.

パスタチューブIn preparation for a second invasion,
the United Earth Forces consolidated their forces and built a massive forward operating base within this space sector.
The bastion of humanity would come to be known as the Cathedral.

The year is 2108, and the war for Earth’s survival still rages on.


みのりCG This is a magical girl story where the setting, circumstances, and the fate of the characters are based on “suffering is erotic" as the core idea.

While magical girls are shown to be lovely and brave in propaganda materials, in reality they’re subjected to terrible treatment. And yet, they never give up and always fight on. That’s what’s so sexy about them!

七虹CG The military callously spend the girls’ lives as if they’re little more than ammo, causing their hearts and bodies to break – but they willingly endure their situation. They accept the alien infestation in order to fight them, assertively succumbing to their pleasure.

Yet at the same time, they’re not permitted to resist, and so they’re torn between their shame and resolve. Tentacles, being raped by aliens, forced sexual service, scientific expirements, abused by their fellow officers... A plethora of situations await!


飯塚みのり CV:いねむりすやこ

A magical girl.

Nine years ago, her home, the Mars East Canal Base, was destroyed by the C.C. invasion. Her family perished in the attack, leaving Minori alone as the sole survivor. She was rescued by Lisette, and ever since then she aspired to become a magical girl just like her savior.

She’s hard-working, serious, and sincere. Her personality tends to get her in trouble, making her an easy mark of for abuse and humiliation from senior officers.

As a Special Warfare Trooper, she functions as an offensive vanguard. She is specialized for rapidly engaging the enemy in melee combat.

如月七虹 CV:今谷皆美

A magical girl.

Nana comes from an ordinary family. After graduating from high school, she couldn’t pick a career. With her boyfriend at the time, Satoru Kasai, pestering her for money, she joined the Special Warfare Troopers since she was told the pay was good.

She has a kind personality, but gets carried away easily. However, on the flip side, she’s also amicable and highly adaptable.

As a Special Warfare Trooper, she functions as a defender, capable of projecting a sturdy Force Field and unleashing heavy attacks.

イリューシャ CV:手塚りょうこ

A magical girl.

As part of a three-member idol unit, she was sent to the Cathedral with her two friends as part of a military propaganda campaign to join the Special Warfare Trooper Corps. Her prodigious talent sets her head and shoulders above her colleagues. The hardships and cruelty of show business behind the scenes has given her a severe, cynical outlook.

As a Special Warfare Trooper, she functions as a backline gunner capable of powerful ranged attacks. Her signature fighting style revolves around using two portable weapons called Bits.

キルケ CV:柏木逢花

Although she was once a magical girl, she now serves as a communications operator on the Cathedral instead. She was part of Lisette’s team during the first C.C. invasion up through the Lunar Orbit Battle. In the events of that battle, her powers were crippled.

However, she still retains some weak long-distance telepathy powers, which is why the military allows her to continue serving on the Cathedral. She is the only woman on the base that isn’t an actively serving Special Warfare Trooper. As a result, she also functions as a counselor of sorts to Minori and the other Special Warfare Troopers.

リゼット CV:みる

Lisette became the first Special Warfare Trooper during the initial C.C. invasion, leading mankind to its first victory against the aliens’ attack on Mars. Mankind views her as their hero, who saved them right as they teetered on the brink of despair.

She is currently stationed on the Cathedral where she continues to fight, but for some reason the other Special Warfare Troopers rarely see her...

麗残雪 CV:村咲和香

Li Canxue is another former magical girl who formed a trio with Lisette and Circe during the initial C.C. invasion. Her feats during the Lunar Orbit Battle were second only to Lisette herself.

She continued fighting the C.C. after the Lunar Orbit Battle, but was killed in the line of duty three years after the Cathedral’s founding.